Spacious Vehicle
CX70 has the capacity to comfortably transport people and cargo. This vehicle brings a stylish, new driving experience with lots of space.
Class-leading Size
At 4,680 milimetres long, 1,800 millimetres wide, with a height of 1,775 millimetres, CX70 has more interior space than other vehicles of the same class.
Commanding, Stylish Appearance
Strikingly exquisite chrome grille. Wide windshield provides vast view.Decorative headlamps and steadfast fog lights support safe driving.
Great at Off-roading
The all-terrain vehicle has ground clearance of 190 millimetres, a 23.5° front approach angle, and a 25° back departure angle.
Operates Expertly on All Roads
Great on paved roads and trails.
Large Space to Meet More Needs
Seven large, multiple-use seats. The first and second rows slide back and forth. Second and third row seating is foldable, allowing flexible space utilization.
Large Cargo Capacity
Twenty-one practical storage areas and loading space of up to 3,810L make good use of roomy interior.
2+3+2 Seat Layout
Practical and optimal theater-style interior layout offers a unique driving experience.
High-Quality Interior Details
Exquisite, comfortable, ergonomically friendly leather seating.
Intelligent Electric Sunroof
Intelligent dual-mode electric sunroof lets in sunshine and fresh air.
360° View
    Powerful Performance
    Propelled by either the Mitsubishi 4G18M2 1.6L or the H15T 1.5L turbocharged engine - whichever you choose.
    1.6L Displacement
    CX70 realizes the best balance between dynamism, utility, and efficiency with an 86 kW engine output and 150 Nm of torque at 3,500-4,500 rpm.
    Large, Stylish, Central Control Touch Screen
    Easy-to-use 11-inch 3-in-1 central control touch screen with mobile map that lets you share wonderful moments with others at any time.
    360° Muting Technology for Quiet Comfort
    CX70 with 360° muting technology reduces road noise promoting a more peaceful, comfortable ride.
    Safe Design
    CX70's 5-star safety leads the market. With various protections, CX70 offers a secure ride via effective accident avoidance features.
    Responsive and Safe Operation
    • 270° six-point parking radar
    • Stability control
    • Traction control
    • Emergency brake assist
    • Active yaw angle control
    • Hill-start assist
    • Four-wheel disc brakes
    Clear, Accurate Safety Information
    • Rear view camera system
    • Panoramic view system on right side
    • Panoramic view design without blind spots
    • Clear information interface
    Reliable Collision Protection
    • Full-sized front passenger airbag
    • Head-chest side airbags
    • Three-point and preloaded seat belts for all seven passengers
    • ISOFIX child seat fastening device
    Length*Width*Height 4680 mm * 1800 mm * 1775 mm
    Wheelbase 2780 mm
    Engine 4G18M2
    Displacement 1.6L
    Maximum output 86 kW at 3500-4500 rpm
    Maximum torque 150 kW at 3500-4500 rpm
    Tires 215/60 R17